Can I just tell you how much I love this young woman.  She is just the bomb!!!


LOVE IT!!!!!

I have a 15-year-old freshman who is entering  a world of “new”.  If you have read some of my posts from past years or follow on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I love morning drop of time with my older girls.  It is when we have some of our most candid unguarded conversations.

Lately, we have had several conversations about hook-ups and dating. Today I shared with them a time in my life that I hold dear to this day.  It was during my senior year; I was active in my youth choir, church and single.

I remember attending church one Sunday and the sermon being about Christ as our first love.  The pastor spoke directly to the young people and said, “this is the time for you to honor Christ as your would a spouse.  Spend time with him, get to know him in a personal and intimate way.  When the time for marriage comes you will know how to love because your first love taught you.”

Oh, how that message spoke to me.  After that message, I would get my favorite praise and worship music, light some candles and just be, in the presence of my first love.  It was wonderful, and I was full.  There was no need or desire to have a boyfriend.  I was captivated by the lover of my soul.

I shared this with my 15 and 12-year-old today and told them it was in those years that the Lord taught me how to love their dad.  I also told them my story because I want them to understand the having a boyfriend just to be able to say you have a boyfriend is pointless.  Unless they feel they are ready to be married (which they both adamantly said they were not :)) then there is no need for a boyfriend.  As a youth, a had a good share of guy friends but that is what it was– friends.

Looking back on that story is so sweet and refreshing.

The other thing I am grateful for is a role model like Jamie Grace.  Her music is beautiful, and it speaks to my heart but also the hearts of my girls.  Her love of Christ is beautiful and contagious.