Family Life with 7 Kids


Managing a family of nine can be one crazy ride.  I am enjoying every day watching my beautiful blessing grow into amazing individuals.  With a husband that travels regularly, a high schooler in Marching Band and a crazy hectic schedule, a seventh grader in cross country and fellow blogger, a fifth grader trying to conquer the world one activity at a time, first grader who will be the next famous inventor and three amazing four-year-old boys, life can be a little hectic.  I have learned to trust in my Savior.  Everything I need to accomplish what I was put here to do, he will provide.

My secret is prayer.  Simply put, many people forget the power of prayer. It is something that should not be taken lightly and has the authority to move mountains.


I tell my kids about the time I read a passage in the bible about having the faith of a mustard seed and being able to move mountains, and how Jesus said if you say to this tree be uprooted and planted in the sea.  I was probably 10 at the time.  I knew I had faith at least twice the size of a mustard seed.  So the next day on my way to the school bus I saw a bush and said, “be uprooted and go to California.” I couldn’t wait to get home to see what my faith had done.  When I got home and saw the bush as healthy as can be, I told myself, “Oh well, I just need to keep praying.” My kids love that story and I do too, it reminds me of the innocence of children and how freely they trust in the Lord.  It also reminds me of the moment I decided to cover everything I do in prayer and then leave the rest to God.


Luke 17:6

He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.