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How to get your little ones to eat their vegis…



Every family has at least one child that absolutely refuses to eat their veggies. Mine is Kristyn. Anything that is green, she resolutely refuses to ingest, even if we bribe her with dessert. There is one exception, juicing. If I juice just about anything and mix it with carrot or apple juice, she will drink it.

This morning she drank carrot apple lemonade. It is so yummy. We make a pitcher of it in the morning, and it is gone by the end of breakfast.


Here is the recipe.


2 carrots

1 apple

1/2 lemon


Wash everything. Don’t peel the apple or lemon. (Try to get organic) If you cannot get organic, peel the lemon, put leave the pithy part (the white part). Put the apple and lemon in the juicer and then push thru with carrots.


Drink immediately. If you cannot drink immediately flash freeze in the freezer for about 5 min. and then put in the fridge.


Be blessed

Chanelle 🙂


Carrot Apple-ade
Recipe type: Juice
Quick and easy way to get kids to get their veggies in.
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 apple
  • ½ lemon
  1. Wash everything. Don't peel the apple or lemon. (Try to get organic) If you cannot get organic, peel the lemon, put leave the pithy part (the white part). Put the apple and lemon in the juicer and then push thru with carrot

His eye was on my foot…

So Saturdays are usually hair days around here, and I got off to a running start this morning.
I am all set. Kris is on the stool in the laundry room…
The water is hot…
Let’s go!!!
I wet Kris’s hair and lather it up…
While I’m lathering the shampoo, I just begin to pray and praise God.

“Lord you are so good, lead me today…”

(Tickle on my foot)“I praise you Father for who you are in my life right now…”

(Tickle on my foot)

Ugh, why is my foot so…

I look down to see a scorpion crawling on my foot…just as comfy as can be …
At that point, I let o a shriek and shake my foot all my might…
The scorpion just crawls off my foot…

His eye was on my foot, and He was watching over me.
Chanelle 🙂

ELOHIM. God Mighty Creator

Genesis is a word that can mean “birth”, “history of origin”, or genealogy.”

Our God was there…at the birth of all creation, the history of the first stage existence, the record or account of the ancestry and descent of our family the church.


To sit back and meditate on that is mind blowing…

The God, who knows me by name, …

The God, who says He will never leave me or, forsake me…

The God, who sent His only Son to die on the cross for my sins, …

ELOHIM…Mighty Creator…

Created this beautiful world that I so often take for granted.

Right now as I read and write it is a beautiful sunny day, and there are birds chirping right outside my window…

God’s personal love song for me…

Too many times I am so wrapped up in the throws of “life” that I do not Stop and thank ELOHIM for the beauty of it all.

Soft green grass, beautiful, fragrant flowers, the smell after rain…these all orchestrated by ELOHIM.

I am created in His image!!! I wonder how my life would change if I lived with the constant awareness that He created me to bear His image?

Would my daily bodily grumblings and complaints become a song of praise to my Creator?

God was delighted with what he made. Proclaiming it good and very good.

God, ELOHIM, enable me to see you in the world around me. Give me the ability to look past my imperfections and see the true beauty you created, your child who is growing daily in you. Remake my sense of wonder of your creative power.

Chanelle 🙂

He is faithful

One of the desires of my heart is to have daily quiet time with the Lord. I have learned through the years this is a super green foods drink for my spirit. I come away overflowing and ready to pour into my husband and children.

This has been a bit difficult lately since A is not sleeping thru the night and wakes about every 2.5 hours to eat.

This morning she was wide awake at 4 am so as I was getting her back to sleep I kept watching the clock telling myself there is no way I’m gonna be able to have QT at 5. A got back to sleep at about 4:45.

As I crawled back into my oh so comfy bed….




My alarm let me know I had an appointment in the library.

By this time I was mostly up so I grabbed my stuff and went over for my fix.

While sitting there reading my bible and just enjoying this time it hit me

That monkey that always seems to find me during my early morning rendezvous with the Lord.

I knew I had a full day ahead of me so I wrestled with going back to bed so I could function throughout the rest day and not turn into zombie mommy.

(A little background on me…sleep used to be my best friends…okay okay…sleep is still one of my favorite things to do)

At that moment I prayed and asked the Lord to allow me to pull from His Anointing thru my day so I would not be tired and grumpy from lack of sleep…


At this point I am beyond tired and the words in my bible are starting to blur.

I am too thirsty to go to bed though. I decide to write in my prayer journal and pray the word.

Shortly I began to hear little footsteps and I knew my QT had ended and the day was beginning. I walked away filled and glad I had pushed past the sleep monster.

The best part is…His Anointing is so sufficient.

I had planned to take a nap after dropping the girls off for school to compensate for my lack of sleep, but couldn’t lol. I am so awake its comical.

He is faithful. A consistent theme God has been reminding me of is that He cares. He sees our hearts and hears us when we call.

Chanelle 🙂