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Parenting is not for the faint hearted. It requires planning, diligence and mindful interactions with the lives entrusted to us.

20 Christmas movies to enjoy with the whole family

20 Great Christmas Movies the Whole Family Can Enjoy
Christmas movie night is one of my favorite things to do when cold weather strikes. It’s a precious time as a family for all of us. However, it is difficult to find movies that work for the wide range of ages in our family. There a few movies that are not your typical Christmas movie, (Star Wars & Prince of Egypt) however it is one of the few times the girls agree to watch them because we have watched them so many times. Not sure where we have been but Elf has become a favorite in our home that we can’t get enough of…we actually watch this throughout the year. Curling up with fleece blankets, comfy pillows, hot cocoa and popcorn is the making of a perfect evening for us. The movies also provide the perfect excuse to get extra cuddles from my little ones before they get “too” big like my 13-year-old claims. ūüė≥¬† Not only do we enjoy watching the movies together, I love the discussions that the movie themes spark in our family. Children are much more insightful than we give them credit for! A good movie can open up their eyes to the blessings in their lives and is a great reminder about the joy of Christmas and the gift of Christ.
  1. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Deluxe Edition)
  2. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  3. Miracle on 34th Street
  4. Disney’s A Christmas Carol
  5. Home Alone
  6. The Polar Express
  7. Elf
  8. Prancer
  9. Gremlins
  10. Nativity Story 
  11. Barbie Nutcracker
  12. Jingle all the way 
  13. 12 dogs of Christmas 
  14. The star of Christmas veggie tales
  15. The Prince of Egypt (not Christmas, but LOOOOOVE this movie)
  16. Santa Clause 1
  17. Santa Clause 2
  18. Santa Clause 3
  19. The Rise of the Guardians
  20. Star Wars Series (another non-Christmas movie, but I love it and we have watched it sooo many times the girls will only watch during Christmas time.)


Have we forgotten any on your list? What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Power of a Praying Parent Book Review


I have had this book for at least 12 years. My oldest will be 13 this month. 
I love this book because there are times when you just don’t know what to pray for you children. In such a harsh world, how do you protect them at all times?¬†
This book helped me come to the realization that I can not, but that God could and would. 
I am not naive to think this would keep all bad from happening. I do think however that in the bad God provides a peace that surpasses understanding and that he also provides guidance on how to handle each situation we are faced with. 
This is a book that I keep close during my quiet times, one that I have given to many friends and one that I highly recommend. Power of a Praying Parent

Product Description

Stormie Omartian’s mega bestselling The Power of a Praying¬ģ series (more than 8.2 million copies sold) is re-released with fresh cover designs to reach those eager to discover the power of prayer for their lives.
After decades of raising her children along with her husband, Michael, bestselling author Stormie Omartian looks back at the trials, joys, and power found in praying for her kids. In 30 easy-to-read chapters, Stormie shares from personal experience as to how parents can pray for their children’s
  • safety
  • character
  • adolescence
  • peer pressure
  • school experiences
  • friends
  • relationship with God
This resource will encourage readers in the parenting journey whether their kids are three or thirty-three.

From the Back Cover

Why leave your child’s life to chance when you can give it to God?
Award-winning singer and songwriter Stormie Omartian and her husband, Michael, spent 20 years raising their children…and learning the power of praying for them. Now, in 31 short, easy-to-read chapters, Stormie shares how you can pray through each stage of your child’s growth, from early childhood through adulthood.
Learn how to turn to the Father and place every detail of your child’s life in His loving and capable hands:
* safety 
* character development 
* peer pressure 
* school 
* marriage 
* friends 
* relationship with God 
* family relationships 
* adolescence 
* career choices
Whether your child is three or thirty-three, it’s never too late to discover the joy that comes from being a part of God’s work in his or her life.

About the Author

Stormie Omartian is the bestselling author (more than 23 million books sold) of The Power of a Praying¬ģ series, which includes The Power of a Praying¬ģ Wife Devotional and The Power of a Praying¬ģ Woman. Her many other books include Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On, The Prayer That Changes Everything¬ģ, and Praying the Bible into Your Life. Stormie and her husband, Michael, have been married more than 39 years and are the parents of two married children.

Do you still date?

When Rich and I were going thru our pre-marriage counseling the pastor told us always to put each other first. At the time I think both Rich and I were like “well of course…duh”. 10 years and four kids later we truly understand what the pastor was trying to get across to us.

Nurturing a marriage in the midst of work, babies, morning sickness, bills, illness, fights, accomplishments and failures can get lost in the dust of it all. However when Rich and I made a conscious choice to carve time out for “date nights” our marriage and relationship blossomed, not to mention a few other benefits as well.

There are times when we couldn’t do a formal date out. During these times, we would purposefully do something after the kids went to bed. Our favorite thing to do these days is to buy our favorite ice cream treat, hide it waaaayyyyy in the back of the freezer, and pull it out and talk for a few hours. It is our little secret…which makes it even more fun.

Here are a few ideas for easy, fun and FREE dates with your spouse…(I am a multi-tasker so these can even bee used for individual or group dates with your children)

1. Enjoy a late night swim at a nearby lake or pool.

2. Cuddle up in the corner of your library with an art book or short story that interests both of you. Choose a color, image, or word and kiss each time you run across it.

3. Pack up your laptop and favorite DVD. Find a nice quiet spot preferably outside under the stars. Cuddle up and watch the movie.

4. Many museums offer free admission check with your local library.

5. Take a free class at the local home improvement or garden store.

6. If you have a Wii, take advantage of the bowling, tennis and golf. A little friendly competition is nice.

7. Check the paper for open houses. As you visit, make mental notes for future home improvements.

8. Test drive you dream car.

Be Blessed!!!!


How to get your little ones to eat their vegis…



Every family has at least one child that absolutely refuses to eat their veggies. Mine is Kristyn. Anything that is green, she resolutely refuses to ingest, even if we bribe her with dessert. There is one exception, juicing. If I juice just about anything and mix it with carrot or apple juice, she will drink it.

This morning she drank carrot apple lemonade. It is so yummy. We make a pitcher of it in the morning, and it is gone by the end of breakfast.


Here is the recipe.


2 carrots

1 apple

1/2 lemon


Wash everything. Don’t peel the apple or lemon. (Try to get organic) If you cannot get organic, peel the lemon, put leave the pithy part (the white part). Put the apple and lemon in the juicer and then push thru with carrots.


Drink immediately. If you cannot drink immediately flash freeze in the freezer for about 5 min. and then put in the fridge.


Be blessed

Chanelle ūüôā


Carrot Apple-ade
Recipe type: Juice
Quick and easy way to get kids to get their veggies in.
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 apple
  • ½ lemon
  1. Wash everything. Don't peel the apple or lemon. (Try to get organic) If you cannot get organic, peel the lemon, put leave the pithy part (the white part). Put the apple and lemon in the juicer and then push thru with carrot