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Parenting is not for the faint hearted. It requires planning, diligence and mindful interactions with the lives entrusted to us.

What IF we LIVE Intentionally?

Recently I was talking to my 15-year-old daughter about how much she has experienced and grown in her first semester as a high-school freshman. This weekend she performed with her marching band on the football field of Arizona State University and they placed second. I told her as an ASU alumni, I had never been to the stadium let alone on the field. It was an opportunity to encourage my once shy daughter. A chance to acknowledge her choice to step out of her comfort zone and the growth she had attained.

As a young girl, I was constantly bombarded by fear.

Fear kept me from LIVING life.  Experiencing what life had to offer me at that time.

A few years ago I had a near death experience ( a story for another day) that caused me to LIVE my life differently.

I want to LIVE courageously and intentionally for God.

What if…

  • We live intentionally?
  • We were secure in our own unique personality?
  • We were content to serve and fulfill our God-given purpose and calling.

Would we…

  • No longer feel the burn of envy for someone else’s achievements?
  • Change the lives of those we are blessed to encounter?
  • Finally, be free to LIVE fully present, empowered to walk out all we are created for?

Each of us is created for a uniquely designed purpose.
The desire that burns within us in not coincidence.
It is a call to step out and make our DREAM a REALITY.


In walks fear.

  • What will others think if I truly go all out?
  • Am I being selfish if I passionately nurture and grow the gifts and talents within me?
  • Can I use the experiences from my past, my accomplishments and failures, to help me learn how to live more intentionally today?
  • How do I know this burning desire is actually Gods’ voice.

When I contemplate these questions and thoughts, my desire it to live intentionally every day.  I am reminded of

2 Thessalonians 1:11 MSG

We pray for you all the time. Pray that our God will make you fit for what he’s called you to be, pray that he’ll fill your good ideas and acts of faith with his own energy so that it all amounts to something.


This is my prayer for you and I. That all we do would be blessed and glorify our Creator. That we will be BOLD in walking out the plan for our lives.

What is the dream that is kindling within your heart. What is holding you back from stepping out and fulfilling your dream, your purpose?

Activated Charcoal for Oral Health

Back Story:

A few days ago I was at Walgreens and while is was checking out the cashier asked me if I bleach. Well…my hair is black so I paused and said “I’m sorry?”
He replies, “I was just wondering if you bleached your teeth because they are so white.”
Needless to say the rest of the day every single person I saw got a flash of my pearly whites. 😂😂😂
I didn’t get into what I use to keep my teeth white and gums healthy but I will tell you.
Activated Charcoal….😀
Here is how I use it.
1 capsule of activated charcoal
1 drop Frankincense (Can help prevent dental health issues like tooth decay, bad breath, cavities, or oral infections.)
1 drop melaleuca (Tea tree oil fights infectious microorganisms that destroy tissues in the mouth, cause plaque, receding gums and tartar deposits.
Enough water to make a runny paste
Mix all ingredients and use the q-tip to dab onto your teeth and gums. Let sit for 1-2 minutes and then rinse mouth with warm water. Brush any remaining charcoal.
Try it out. Let me know how you like it.

Flattering Curves Ahead

Morning conversation with my 13-year-old.

Flattering curves ahead. 

There are 3-4 basic body types that find their uniqueness in each girl/woman. When we spend our time wishing, we were a different body type we zap out the ability to shine in our individuality and personal God given beauty.

Pick out 4-6 things that you LOVE about your body. Focus on these things. Thank God for them. What are the few things you do not like so much about your body? What could you do to improve those things? Pray and ask God to help you see yourself the way He sees you.

Thank God for creating you just the way you are…uniquely beautiful. There is NOONE like you. Embrace that and SHINE.


5 great books every mom should read with their girl

I am a book junkie and by DNA my girls have become the same.  Books have become an avenue of learning, communicating and planning for each of us.  Below are a few books that were invaluable resources for my girls as they grew older.  They each speak to the heart of their God created femininity and encourages them to embrace not only that but the God who created them in His image.
1.  The Princess and the Kiss (A Story of God’s Gift of Purity) By: Jennie Bishop
I absolutely loved this book and the heart behind it.  The author states
“I asked God how I could teach my young daughters the value of their purity, how I could begin in their early years to stress the importance and beauty of saving themselves for marriage.  This is God’s poignant answer.  My prayer is that this simple story will fulfill the same purpose for many other loving parents.”
That is exactly what this book did for me.  It allowed me to gently introduce my young girls to the idea that they have a valuable gift that is theirs to decide to whom and when they would give away.
I began reading this to my girls around preschool age, simply as a bedtime story or for general reading.  By kindergarten/first grade we read the book as a bible study and included the “Life Lessons” along with the book.  They loved it.  Now since I only had girls until recently I never read The Squire and the Scroll“, but currently have and for my boys.  That’s another post.  🙂
2.  Secret Keeper Girl (8 Great Dates for you and your daughter) By: Dannah Gresh
This was and is a wonderful experience and journey that I have had the honor to travel with two of my girls so far.  It is wonderful to watch them as they “get it”.  This book is arranged in 8 dates that you will plan and enjoy with your tween/teen daughter.  The intent is to teach them the power of true beauty and modesty.  It allows mothers to connect one on one with their daughters during a time that has been deemed the “turbulent” years.  Well I say “No” to that.  We serve a big God and I have never read that in the bible.  You will bond with your daughter while at the same time teach her the vital truth about beauty in a world that bombards them with lies.  This was a great second step to teaching my daughters about modesty, purity, and sexuality.  The world seeks to empower women, but one of the greatest powers you can teach your daughter is the power of modesty and embracing their God centered confidence.
3.  5 Conversations you must have with your daughter By: Vicki Courtney
From the book:
From the cradle to college, tell your daughters the truth about life before they believe the culture’s lies.
For mothers with girls newborn to eighteen, Five Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter is simply a must-have book. Youth culture commentator Vicki Courtney helps moms pinpoint and prepare the discussions that should be ongoing in their daughters’ formative years.
To fully address the dynamic social and spiritual issues and influencers at hand, several chapters are written for each of the conversations, which are:
1. You are more than the sum of your parts
2. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up
3. Sex is great and worth the wait
4. It’s OK to dream about marriage and motherhood
5. Girls gone wild are a dime a dozen—dare to be virtuous
4.  Preparing your daughter for every woman’s battle By: Shannon Ethridge
From back of book: Long before we may realize it, our daughters are bombarded with messages about sex-from friends, advertisers, media icons  and more.  All of this input – along with the whirlwind of emotions that accompany puberty-can leave them confused, filled with unasked questions about boys, dating, sex and their own value.
While you may believe that your preteen or early adolescent is too young for “the talk”, now is the perfect time for creative conversations about sexuality.  By introducing key principles and truths during these teachable years; you can lay a foundation that will help your daughter withstand the inevitable pressures young women face.  And you will create a lasting bond, establishing yourself as a trustworthy authority who is willing to help her address the sensitive issues in her life.
I must say that I am currently reading this book with my 13 year old who is in 7th grade public middle school.  The journey we have walked since she was younger-fostering a comfort zone for her to ask question and/or validate things she has heard at school is priceless.  You want to be the person that lays the foundation for your daughter.  Even if you has all the best friends that have the same convictions you are rising your daughter with, believe me she will have a class or be in the lunch room and hear some not so clean things.  You want to create a foundation that she feels comfortable coming to you with any kind of question and know that you will shoot straight.
This book is broken into two sections.  The first is intended to be read by the mother alone as a preparation of what to plan and how to approach some subjects.  The second part is intended for mother and daughter to go through together.
5.  For Young Women only By: Shaunti Feldhahn & Lisa A. Rice
My 13 year old read this book and I will be posting her book review shortly
Book description:
Unlock the Male Mystery

Guys will be guys. And now girls can know what that means! For Young Women Only dives into the mysterious inner-workings of the teenage male mind so that you can begin to understand why guys say and do what they do. Exploring critical topics including respect, insecurity, appearance, physical affection, and the “tough and tender”-ness of guys, this book is also packed with “ask the expert” sections, quotes, and fun personal stories from guys in all walks of life. Why is he so visually stimulated? You may wish it weren’t so, but that won’t make it so. I don’t want to put on a front for him to like me. Actually, he wants your genuineness, too! This book will help you grasp how God wired the opposite sex so you can enjoy your relationships with them.

Why Are Guys So Weird?

Unravel the mystery. A national scientific survey and in-depth personal interviews give you an unprecedented look inside the teenage male mind. Discover how: He’d be perfectly fine if he was loved by few and hated by many…as long as he was respected by all His ego is the size of Africa (but so are his insecurities) He hides his real feelings under a tough exterior He’s magnetized by pretty girls–but also wants to find a diamond in the rough He actually does want to marry a virgin He just wants you to be yourself.

It’s the inside scoop you’ve been waiting for! You’ll come to not only understand him, but also know what he might really be thinking about you.

“This is a phenomenal book that I wish I’d had as a teenager!”
-Shannon Ethridge, Bestselling author, Every Young Woman’s Battle
“Girls, this book is a MUST-read!”
-Candace Cameron Bure, Actress, speaker
Story Behind the Book

“My teenage daughter really needs to hear this!” Such was the typical reaction from countless men and women who read Shaunti Feldhahn ’s bestselling For Women Only.“If forty-year-old women are surprised by the truth about how men think, we realized the value in helping teenagers discover these realities as well,” says Shaunti. Teaming with her best friend Lisa Rice, a mother of teen girls and the coauthor of For Women Only Discussion Guide, they launched a major national survey of guys fifteen to twenty. Their surprising findings are revealed here to help girls improve their relationships with the opposite sex, now and into the future.