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People Pleaser-The Battle Is Real

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about living intentionally.  In that post, I talked about my what, how and why of intentional living.

For me, the reason, purpose, and drive for intentional living is to glorify God by embracing the unique person He created me to be.

It has taken 38 years for me to come to this place and it is still a daily choice.


I am a people pleaser and try to make everyone happy.

But I can only have one master.

God or man.

I choose God, and so this is the journey I take, one step at a time.

I believe our utmost purpose is to honor God with the life we are given.

It is in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.

Ephesians 1:11, MSG

Resting in this verse, I know that I can grow authentically while allowing God to guide to live each day unapologetically me.  Living in this truth empowers me to live each new day fully glorifying the creator of the universe. Living each day this way has allowed me to:

1. Develop Confidence and Self-Respect

I acknowledge that I own the decisions I have made in the past but also own the choices I make today and going forward. I can now enter each new day knowing that with God I can accomplish things I never thought possible. I am confident that my future holds good things for me and I when I look in the mirror, I know I am aiming to become the woman God intended for me to be.

2.  Focus and Direction

Instead of fighting my energizer bunny way of life, I have found a way to use my “busy body” tendencies to my benefit and schedule my day in ways that harness energy and make my day more productive.

3.  Concentrate on God’s Plans for Me and Not Everyone Else’s

The key for me is to start my day in quiet meditation and prayer to line my day up with the will of Christ.  This doesn’t happen every day, but the days that it doesn’t, I pay the price.  I have found that when I make time to spend at the feet of Christ, the time is redeemed and multiplied.

Early in life I found that I was more accepted when I morphed into the person others wanted me to be.  In high school, I would proudly proclaim that I was a chameleon and could blend into any crowd or situation.

But when you put salt in your mouth, does it taste like pepper or cinnamon.

Nope, it tastes like salt.

I had been deceived into thinking the goal was to be accepted and blend in.

As I grew in the Word I realized that our purpose wasn’t to blend in but to stand out.  To enhance the life that happens around us with the unique gifts God has placed within us.

It can be a struggle for me to not shrink back into my chameleon ways and just be who people want me to be.

Today, I choose to be the slightly nerdy, weird and quiet, energetic woman God created me to be.  I want to see what she can do.

Whom she can be.

I want to see how he uses this hot mess of a person to season the world around me.

What about you?

What weighs more heavily in your life?  The opinion of others or the opinion of the one who created you?

People who exercise their embryoninc freedom day after day will, little by little, expand that freedom.  People who do not will find that it withers until they are literally “being lived.”  They are acting out the scripts written by parents, associates, and society.

-Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Until next time…

Be blessed 🙂

I believe our utmost purpose is to honor God with the life we are given. It is in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Ephesians 1:11, MSG #Purpose #Live Click To Tweet


Intentional Living – What, How and Why?

As I was reflecting and reading comments on my post from last week (you can read it here), I began to wonder how I would define intentional living. When I approach a topic like this, I usually use the what, how, why approach.

What is it?
How do you execute?
Why should you care or implement this lifestyle?

After a few days meditating and journaling about intentional living, this is what I came up with.

The What and How
What is intentional living? How does this look daily?

  • Being a woman that works daily at being proactive instead of reactive.
  • Not being nonchalant, or lax about thoughts, decisions, words or actions.
  • Having a heart for God and his purpose.
  • Embracing my quirky sunshiney personality and accepting the things I am unable to change in my current season in life.
  • Making courageous and deliberate decisions about the things that can change.
  • Not being self-absorbed.
  • Championing women and encouraging them in their gifts and talents.

After writing this out and meditating on the essence of what is says, I was a bit overwhelmed.

Intentional living takes work!

Commitment to this work WINS because my desire is to glorify God as the person He created me to be.

It is in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.
Ephesians 1:11 MSG

As I think through it there are benefits to living intentionally.

The Why
Why should I live intentionally?

  • Confidence and Self-Respect
    • Identifying and connecting with personal possibilities things change. Self-worth blooms as the realization of our control over decisions, not family, friends or circumstances.
  • Focus and Direction
    • I am a high energy and scattered type of person. Once I acknowledge the positive aspects of my personality, I was able to utilize it for my benefit.

“My business is not to remake myself, but make the absolute best of what God made.” Robert Browning


  • Focus on God’s Idea for Me, Not Other Peoples
    • Discovering and accepting Gods plans for us, frees us from living the life someone else wants for us. I am a people pleaser at heart. I want everyone to be happy. I can let go of that part of my personality when I weigh people’s expectations against Gods. I want God always to win. He is always first.
  • Avoid Burnout
    • When we try to please other people, we will struggle to hit the ever moving target. With God, he is faithful to reveal his expectations for us in his perfect timing.


In the end I feel I have a good grasp on my what, how and why of living intentionally.

How do you define living intentionally? How does that look in your daily life?

Trust and Wait 

It is so easy to get caught up in the dreams and plans we have for ourselves. Psalms 37:4-7 encourages us to wait on the plans the Lord has for us. Today choose to #trust in the #Lord and see what He is able to do. #beblessed #wholelivinglarge