As a family of nine, Costco is our primary place to shop for grocery items.  I am so glad Costco has consistently increased their selection of organic foods.

Here are my current Top 10 Costco Finds.

 1.  Kirkland Organic $7.89 (2 – 42.3 containers)

We use this oil for just about everything. Coconut is a heart-healthy food.  Research supports that this oil can aid the immune system by increasing the resistance to viruses and bacteria. It is highly effective for dry skin, diaper cream, cradle-cap, lip balm Here are a few ways we use coconut oil in my home.


Hot oil treatment

Help fight frizzy curls

Bulletproof coffee

Face wash

Moisturizer for skin (specifically eczema)

2.  Blueberries ($11.99 3 lb bag)

These little deep purple beauties are rich in antioxidant compounds.  The antioxidants are beneficial in fighting against free radicals.  Free radicals are the dirty little rascals blamed for creating havoc in our bodies and causing cancers and several other diseases.


3.  Tru Roots Organic Quinoa ($19.99 4 lb bag)

Quinoa is overall nutrient dense. Packed with protein, healthy fats, vitamin E, and calcium to name a few.  It is also very versatile.  Quinoa can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I for one love a versatile staple.

Here are a few ways we enjoy quinoa

Quinoa Sliders


Burrito Bowls

4.  Avocados ($5.99 6 count)

Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, avocado is considered by some the perfect food. These fats support lowering the risk of breast cancer, and aiding to reduce “bad” cholesterol levels. Offering a unique balance of fiber (5g), protein (22g) and carbohydrates (12 g), avocados are a fruit I indulge in almost daily

Here are a few ways I enjoy them:

Avocado toast


Avocado rolls

Roasted with Tabasco sauce and a spritz of lemon

  5.  Nature’s Pride Organic Sweet Potatoes ($7.49  10lb bag)

Costco is seasonal when it comes to their sweet potatoes, so when they are available, I am overjoyed. Sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene and compounds that aid in lowering cholesterol.

How we enjoy them:

Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet Potato Fries

Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup

 6.  Kirkland Cashews ($14.99 2.5 lbs)

Cashews are high in monounsaturated fats and help protect the heart.  Offers a range of minerals for healthy bones, enhanced immunity and increased energy levels.  Recent studies indicate cashews may help improve overall mood.

We love to gobble these as snacks or make date nut bars.

7.    Wholesome Garden Organic Baby Spinach ($4.29 1 lb) Spinach has multiple flavonoid compounds that act as antioxidants.  Excellent for fighting stomach, skin, breast, prostate, and other cancers. This superfood is very high in carotenes (skin & eyesight), vitamin K (bone strength) and may aid in preventing osteoporosis.

Here is how we enjoy spinach





8.    Kirkland Large Organic Brown Eggs $6.99 24 count Take one look at my Instagram feed, and you will see we go thru many eggs. From boiled eggs to quinoa burgers. I think I touch an egg every day.  Eggs are an excellent source of B vitamin choline that has anti-inflammatory properties and enhances brain function. They are also an excellent source of protein.

9.  Path of Life Broccoli Florets $6.49 Four 1-lb bags

Broccoli is a good source of potassium that is beneficial in maintaining a healthy nervous system, enhance brain function and promote healthy muscle growth. Great source of calcium, antioxidants (vitamin C)

We love to roast broccoli. It give the florets an extra crunch and enhances the flavor.

10.  Bunny-Luv Organic $6.99 10 lb bag

We go thru this 10-pound bag of carrots. Here are some of the ways we use these.

  • Make carrot chips for lunches and snack. (The chips also work great in soups. I feed them through my food processor for the perfect size.)
  • Juicing…of course. Carrots are my favorite vegetable to juice. The beta-carotene is one of the elements that help me keep my autoimmune issue under control.
  • In muffins
  • Stir fry


What would you list as your top 10 Costco finds?  Mine are always changing.

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    • Costco can be beneficial for large and small families. You just have to get the right items. You could probably live a good six months on a bag of frozen berries. Thank you for commenting.

  1. That’s so awesome, all for the love of cooking healthy food! I love that they offer a hefty supply of coconut oil!

    • That is awesome Angie. I have been planning on posting about why I decided to try the coconut oil, bentonite clay, toothpaste. Short story, I went the dentist and they said I had the beginning signs of periodontal disease and needed to start coming in more frequently and have special rinses. I had read about the benefits of the above three and did additional research. I came up with this toothpaste and brushed with it twice a day for 6 months. At my next appointment my hygenist said I was scared to see your gums since your were out for more than three months but your gums look great and we can keep it at six months. I brush with it every day. The nice thing is it doubles really well as a facial exfoliator. Can’t beat that. Thank you for posting today.

  2. I’ve never heard of Costco…but ok i don’t live in the states. When we’re on vacation there we end up in walmart for grocceries. So thanks for the tip. Will keep a lookout when i’m in the states again.

  3. We love Costco too! Some of our favorites are: the meat selection; jarred Sundried Tomatoes, jarred Hearts of Palm, my current obsession – Organic Slammers (they are fruit puree pouches with all organic fruits plus acai, and amarnth! they are delicious!!!!
    Natasha recently posted…My Favorite Sunday SupperMy Profile

  4. Great to know that they have a nice line of organic foods. I used to shop at Sams but stopped because of their lack of organic products. Willl check out Costco.

    • Costco has upped their game in the last few years. Very happy with my membership and by the way those Japchae (Korean Glass Noodles) look phenomenal. Planning on trying those out soon. 🙂

  5. Your list is pretty much my grocery list every time I go to Costco, ha! The broccoli is my favorite, you can’t beat $6.49 for all that organic broccoli, and they’re big stalks too! Love it! I’m so jealous you have a 10 lb bag of organic sweet potatoes at your store, our store doesn’t have that. I hope it’s on it’s way soon!
    Stacey @ Stacey Homemaker recently posted…Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2015My Profile

    • It’s funny, my husband does the Costco shopping because I tend to go WAY off the grocery list. So every week I will ask,”are the sweet potatoes in?” Thankfully for the both of us they showed up a few weeks ago. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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