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Lemon, we have all seen it on trees and slices have been placed in our water. But have you ever experienced doTERRA lemon essential oil?

Did you know essential oils are not really oils? 

They do not contain the fatty acids that constitute what we would consider an actual oil. Valerie Gennari Cooksley, author of Aromatherapy: Soothing Remedies to Restore, Rejuvenate and Healdefines essential oils as “highly concentrated plant constituents possessing potent medicinal and cosmetic qualities.”

There are hundreds of different ways to use essential oils in your everyday life but today I am going to concentrate on the benefits of baking with essential oils. 



So what are the benefits of using doTERRA essential oils in baking?  


DōTERRA’s Lemon essential oil has many wonderful therapeutic benefits, but is also great when added to foods and liquids as a natural flavoring.

DoTERRA’s lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the rinds of lemons grown in Italy. Italian lemons are much larger and sweeter than domestic lemons.

Lemon essential oil can be added as a flavoring to drinking water, or can be added to dessert , poultry, or fish recipes. Lemon essential oil can be substituted in any recipe that calls for lemon , lemon extract, or grated lemon zest. Simply substitute one drop lemon essential oil for one teaspoon lemon extract or lemon juice.

Here is a recipe for an amazing lemon bar that is made with doTERRA lemon essential oil. 


doTERRA Essential Oil Lemon Bars


1 cup organic soft butter

1/2 cup organic powdered sugar

Dash of salt

2 cups of organic flour of your choice 

Combine all and mix well. Press into a 9×13 inch pan. Bake at 35 degrees for 15 minutes.


4 eggs beaten

1/4 cup organic flour of your choice

2 cups organic sugar

tbsp lemon juice (I replaced this with 18 drops Lemon Oil, but if you love the tart, add 1-2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice)

Combine flour & sugar, mix in beaten eggs and lemon, pour into the slightly cooled crust. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Let cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.



Make sure any essential oils you ingest are labeled for consummation and are CPTG

dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils represent the safest, purest, and most beneficial essential oils available today. They are carefully and skillfully distilled from plants that have been harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize the superior quality standard for naturally safe, purely effective therapeutic-grade dōTERRA essential oils.  -doterra.com



If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and what they can do for your health, please visit www.mydoterra.com/rachelcoelho. The prices on this site are retail, if you would like to find out how to receive 25% off of these prices, I can be reached at randr51982@hotmail.com




**Tips and Facts about doTERRA lemon essential oil**

*One bottle of 15ml lemon contains 250 drops

*One 15ml bottle contains 45 lemons 

*Add a drop of lemon to a warm drink to ease a sore throat

*Diffuse in a room to neutralize odors and elevate mood

*Use to clean kitchen counters and stainless steel appliances 

*Take internally with water as an antioxidant and detoxifier

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